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The Struggle is the Point

3 Steps to Turbo Charge Your Progress Kain Ramsey, founder of Solid Grounds, tells the story of when he was struggling in New Zealand trying to get enough money to get back to his home in Scotland.  Having taken a job working at an orchard, Kain arrived at work one day and was told his […]

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What Are You a Student Of?

I would love to be able to say that I found Dan Carlin1 early, that I have been a listener for years and years and “knew him when,” but I can’t.  I am something of a Johnny-come-lately (four years ago) when it comes to Hardcore History.  I devoured his hours-long podcasts on the Kahns, World […]

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Who We Are Meant to Be

I was preparing a lesson the other day for the group I run at a therapeutic facility.  I was looking for something that would allow me to give the women I work with a sense of their potential, even if it was just a brief glimpse.  This is, as everyone knows, a difficult task since […]

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