You know what you want to change,
Now find out what your
journey will look like

Find out where you are in your journey!

What kind of changes do you need to navigate?

  • Moving on after a divorce
  • Finding freedom from an addiction
  • Starting a business of your own
  • Becoming a new parent
  • Creating new, healthier habits
  • Expanding your skills and knowledge
    • Managing an illness diagnosis
    • Going off to (or back to) college
    • Moving to a new city
    • Healing after a loss
    • Dedicating yourself to a spiritual path
    • Following your dreams

    Understand the Journey

    Each time we experience change in our lives, it follows a very predictable pattern.  If we don't know the pattern, we don't know how to respond.

    In The Journey Blueprint we'll unravel the secrets to achieving personal growth and fulfillment. Join us in discovering the path to unlocking your true potential and living a life of purpose and joy.

    We know what it's like to be:  
    - overwhelmed -
    - frustrated -
    - lost -

    We want to help.

    Julie Bouché
    M. Ed., MS Management and Leadership
    Bringing fifteen years of experience in Education, Residential Treatment, and Professional Development and having helped hundreds of people understand the processes that lead to successful change, Julie has designed the Journey Blueprint to leverage thousands of hours of research into successful life changes. 

    The Journey Blueprint book features not just Julie's years of expertise, but you will see examples of real people navigating through change just like you are trying to do. Come learn how their experiences through the Blueprint helped them succeed, even when they thought they would never move forward.

    Download the FREE PDF to get moving forward again.

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    Journey blueprint book

    More of a listener? Check out our immersive podcast that explores the diverse paths people take to achieve personal growth. 

    Through engaging and thought-provoking discussions, The Journey Blueprint aims to empower listeners to forge their own paths, discover their passions, and overcome obstacles on their personal and professional journeys. Whether seeking career guidance, motivation, or simply looking for compelling stories, this podcast is a help for anyone navigating their own unique path in life.

    Julie is an inspired and inspiring teacher...

    Once Julie helped me understand the journey, I could better manage my own path and have more compassion for others.

    Dr. RACHEL HEADLEY  //  Sr Partner, Rose Group Intl.

    It will change the way you think, teach, and interact with others...

    Julie's empathy allows her to get into our heads and truly figure out what we most need in our own journey to becoming better human beings. 

    KATHY LARSEN  //  School District Administrator

    Don't lose any more time being stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed.  

    Your life is waiting for you.

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