We are all on Journeys, whether we realize it or not. What if there was a way to not only survive those Journeys, but to thrive because of them? Author and teacher Julie Bouché M.Ed., M.S.ML, outlines the pattern that all Journeys follow, from the sense that change is coming to the complexity of trying to fit back in after major changes have occurred, and shows how those same patterns show up not only in literature, film, and television shows, but also in our own lives. Using powerful literary, biographical, and real-world examples, she bridges the gap between the myths and stories we love and our own life stories. This book will take you on a Journey of introspection, power, and clarity as you take the first step toward taking control of your life story, and becoming the Hero you are meant to be.

As a speaker, writer, and teacher, I am passionate about helping others to take control of their life journeys. For more than a decade I have worked with youth, adults, and educators to understand the process of change, and how to embrace it in order to not just survive, but thrive.