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Julie is an inspired and inspiring teacher, helping people figure out how to work through change for themselves, and how to support others who are dealing with change. Once Julie helped me understand the journey, and its associated logical steps and process, I could better manage my own path and have more compassion for others. It also helped me understand when my urge to “fix” or “help” would be counterproductive.​

—Dr. Rachel MK Headley, Cobblestone Science

Most Requested Topics

Teens and Youth
• Become the Hero You Are Meant to Be

Leaders and Parents
• You Can’t Take Them with You: Helping Others Find Their Own Way
• How to Be a Good Mentor: Lessons from Gandalf, Dumbledore, and More
• Stepping Aside: How to Bring Out the Best in Those You Lead

Teachers and Educators
• Learning Journeys: 
Where Will You Take Them?
• The Struggle Is the Point: Letting Students Work for Long-Term Learning
• Crossing the Threshold: How to Teach Difficult Concepts