Embracing Your Journey

​Do you feel stuck, lost, frustrated, or unsure of where you want to go?  Living your Journey to its fullest takes work and support, but the end results are worth the effort.  Journey coaching allows you to understand where you are on your Journey, develop strategies for overcoming obstacles, and achieving your greater purpose.

With Journey Coaching, we will walk through a ten-step process of discovering, understanding, and owning the Journey you are on right now.  With that foundation, you will then be ready to take on other Journeys, including:

*Master Your Head Space
*Rewrite Your Life Story
*Live a Strategic Life
*Achieve Your Goals

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​​The journey analogy is so incredibly powerful because Julie has taken the time to discover how we think and feel. ​ empathy allows her to get into our heads and truly figure out what we most need in our own journey to becoming better human beings. 

​Kathy Larsen - ​Instructional Leader, Master Teacher